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The CMDB Application, following the ITIL best practice guidelines, allows the registration and management of Configuration Items, meaning you can register all the assets and liabilities of your company or your clients.
Desk Manager Aplicativo CMDB - Quadro de Ativos

We know that managing assets is a difficult task for any manager, but Desk Manager's CMDB exists to help with this mission.

Create a complete Asset record, where you can add information such as:

Add files

Within the Asset record itself, you can attach files such as photos, responsibility terms, or even the equipment’s invoice, making it much easier to find this information for eventual checks or audits.


Links and tracking

Each Configuration Item registered in the CMDB is linked to a Company, Area (Department), or a Specific User – making it much easier to track who the equipment is allocated to or who it really belongs to.


Change history

Another interesting point is that the main information of the Configuration Item, when changed, is recorded in a separate history area, allowing you to check when the data was changed and by whom. An important log, right?


In addition, every Configuration Item registered in the CMDB can be linked to a ticket, so you can know how many times that equipment was involved in an Incident or even calculate the downtime of that equipment. This information is useful and can help build an investment strategy, whether to replace equipment or even simply discard it.
Desk Manager Aplicativo CMDB - ICS

With the Configuration Item linked to a ticket, it is also possible to create:

Desk Manager Aplicativo CMDB - Lista de ICs
Desk Manager Aplicativo CMDB - QR Codes
Desk Manager Aplicativo CMDB - Quadro de Ativos
Desk Manager Aplicativo CMDB - ICS

Mobile access with QR Code

With Desk Manager, it is also possible to create QR Code labels to easily identify each Configuration Item within your company and clients.

This way, the operator just needs to access the Desk Manager Application on their mobile phone, enter the CMDB, and scan the QR Code on the label of the Configuration Item to check the registration information of that equipment.

Desk Manager Aplicativo CMDB - QR Codes

Integration of assets with the Inventory Agent

By installing a Client on the machine, it will be possible to inventory all your hardware and software information, such as memory quantity, disk space, installed programs, licensed software, and many other data.


Automatic change alerts by email

It is possible to configure automatic email alerts for changes that happen to the equipment where the agent was installed. Thus, you can be notified when programs are installed, uninstalled, or if the machine undergoes a change in its hardware configurations, such as memory or disk.


Agility in audits and ISO certifications

The CMDB Application and Automatic Inventory are facilitators, especially for companies participating in audit and ISO certification programs.


Automatic Inventory

The automatic inventory has several functions to control the company’s fleet of machines. It can capture this data through a program installed on the machines individually, or if you have an AD, it can be installed via GPO. The purpose is to record the machine information according to the changes that happen to it.
Desk Manager Aplicativo CMDB - Quadro de Ativos

And don’t think that CMDB is only for IT

An important factor is that it can be used to record all assets, including inventory or even to control fleets. Have you thought about registering a vehicle with all the information and linking it to preventive, corrective maintenance tickets, or annual vehicle licensing renewal? Here’s a tip!

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