ESM Platform

We are an omnichannel ESM platform with integrated functionalities. Discover our features

Ícone - Chamado


Here is where the team spends most of their time, organizing and interacting with tickets in a very intuitive way.

Ícone - Projetos


Manage your projects in a simplified manner, whether related to an open ticket or not in your operation.

Ícone - CMDB


Register all assets and liabilities of your company or your clients.

Ícone - Despesa


Here you can control all the extra expenses that your team incurs during their duties.

Ícone - Satisfação


Create customized questionnaires with options for alternative, multiple-choice, or essay responses.

Ícone - Gamificação


Excellent for sparking interest and promoting engagement among your employees in a fun way.

Ícone - Conhecimento


A simple way to build the knowledge base of your operation and share procedures, tutorials, and documentation.

Ícone - Conversa


An amazing feature within the Ticket Application with a response module for clients using WhatsApp as a communication channel.

Ícone - SLA


Control deadlines and response times of your team for each ticket handled, ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.

Ícone - Ponto

Time Clock

This App becomes essential for managers who need to control the check-in and check-out times of the team.

Ícone - Painel


Here general settings of Desk Manager are made, creating permission profiles and solver groups for your business.

Ícone - SLA


Here you register all the clients and users served by your operation.


Orchestrate business with mastery

Maestro is the heart of Desk Manager’s integrations.

Acting as a HUB, it simplifies and accelerates processes without the need for complex code adjustments.

With an intuitive interface, similar to BOTs and Ticket Flows, the tool makes integrations more agile and autonomous, increasing the efficiency of the Desk Manager platform.

Desk Manager - Tabelas

Count on an ally to orchestrate your team

By our side, the sectors of your company work in harmony and with efficiency. All together seeking results.