Customer service platform with project management tools 

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Simplified organization

The Project Application was developed to help organize activities and manage projects in a simplified manner, whether or not they are related to an open ticket with the operation.

Interaction with each project-related activity is very easy.

Notes and hours worked

Your team can add notes and even log the hours worked on each activity, making it much easier to keep control of the project and gauge the team’s effort.

Mentions and notifications

The project manager can mention someone from the team within the activity using a simple @Name, and that person will receive an individual email alert with all the content recorded during that mention.

Efficient integration

As part of the same platform, it is possible to connect a ticket to an activity within a project.
Imagine your Support team working on Tickets and creating Tasks in an Improvement or Fix Project for your Development team? This is one of the many scenarios that can be implemented, as the two Desk Manager applications are connected.

The ticket view can be worked in List or Board (Kanban) format, allowing the agent to operate using the preferred layout.

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Future Activities

Regardless of whether there is a project or not, your team can also use this application to register future activities or tasks that cannot be forgotten or have a deadline to meet.


After registering these activities, which can even be delegated to another person in your operation, it will be possible to set deadlines to complete them through email and SMS reminders.

Sync with Google Calendar or Outlook

If they are close to the deadline, you can also add them as an appointment in your Google or Outlook calendar if you prefer.

All of this translates into productivity for your team and efficient management of your operation!

Customized Reports

The Project Application also allows the configuration of Customized Reports to monitor the progress of each Task, whether related to projects or not.

Data control

These reports can be automatically sent by email according to the frequency you set, exported as a spreadsheet, or even viewed in the form of dynamic dashboards.

Count on an ally to orchestrate your team

By our side, the sectors of your company work in harmony and with efficiency. All together seeking results.