ESM platform with customizable settings

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The Panel Application is where the general settings of Desk Manager are made.


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Create and manage each permission profile

In this application, permission profiles and solver groups will be created, so each technician/analyst has the permissions and access properly limited to their functions within the platform. This ensures the confidentiality of sensitive data and facilitates the distribution of tickets.


Confidentiality of accesses

The integration uses artificial intelligence to automatically answer customer questions, making service faster and more efficient. Reduce the workload of attendants and improve the customer experience, allowing your team to focus on more complex issues.

Login via Active Directory and email alerts

It is possible to configure Operator login using the integration method via Active Directory (AD) so that they do not need to remember another password. Another important configuration that can be done through the Panel Application is the email service, which will be used to send all Desk Manager tickets and alerts.

Customize the email domain

It is possible to configure the use of your own SMTP service to send these emails, so the emails sent by Desk Manager will use a sender @yourdomain instead of our standard email Of course, this is an optional configuration!

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Customize with your company’s brand

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It is through the Panel Application that you have access to our API documentation, Webhook, and settings for all Integrations available in Desk Manager, which can optimize and increase the delivery capacity of your services.

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Count on an ally to orchestrate your team

By our side, the sectors of your company work in harmony and with efficiency. All together seeking results.