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Desk Manager Aplicativo Conhecimento - Dashboard

The Knowledge Application provides your entire team with a simple way to build the knowledge base of your operation and share procedures, tutorials, and documentation, whether internally, only for your team members, or even for the end user.


Knowledge Application

Desk Manager Aplicativo Conhecimento - Base de Conhecimento

Share directly with the end user

The end user will have access to the content directly through the Client Portal, and the same content will be suggested to the user when opening a ticket – a simple and practical way to provide guidance that can even eliminate the need to open a ticket and enable self-service.


Quality control

During the item consultation, the user can vote on whether that knowledge base was useful, and thus you can measure the usage of the content your team is producing and sharing with users.


Create items with videos, images, and much more!

Each item in the Knowledge Base can be created using embedded videos, images, attached files, or even a simple text description.


Remember that EAD project for end users on how to operate the company’s ERP?

The Knowledge Base can be the channel for you to provide these Tutorials and help users gain more maturity! To facilitate the search, you can configure keywords for each content, making it much easier to locate them during a search or consultation.


Desk Manager Aplicativo Conhecimento - Base de Conhecimento Editar

Access to each content in the Knowledge Base can be highly customized. This way, you can create base items that are accessed only by your internal team, items that are accessed by all users of a specific department or client, and even items that are accessed exclusively by the company’s President. No one will have access to what they do not need!


Access permissions

Desk Manager Aplicativo Conhecimento - Permissão de Acesso

Your team can also create Knowledge Bases when closing a ticket, so the procedure used to solve that problem will be available for any other technician who needs to handle a similar ticket.


And this knowledge base can be approved by the Manager before being published, so the content can be validated beforehand.


Create Knowledge Bases when closing tickets!

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