Welcome to our Desk Manager way of being

We are focused on simplifying. Simplifying management. Simplifying processes. Simplifying people’s lives. See the brand through our eyes and apply it as we do.

We are content creators

Desk Manager University

Leaving no doubt. We produce everything with you in mind.

We organize events

Connecting the market is part of what we believe in.
We drive the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Understand how we put our values into practice


Towards our goal

Every company that hires Desk Manager has a partner willing to join forces to achieve their objectives.

When we say yes to a partnership, we agree to share the journey through a relationship of mutual gains. Shall we win together?



Guiding our steps

We choose to act honestly, ethically, and consistently. We value that our speech aligns with our actions because we believe that integrity is the best path to follow.



In motion to generate change

Every step our team takes is intended to generate transformation.

We keep moving, creating initiatives, actions, and new solutions. Our desire is to create space for companies and people to experience transformation.


Results with efficiency

We activate our excellence and commitment with every challenge.

Achieving the desired results with efficiency is our continuous pursuit.

Brand identity

Our identity reflects our personality

We are
and most importantly:

In all our visual and verbal identity, we strive to get closer to people through simplicity and security.

With constructions that include symbols, typography, photos, and colors.


We provide our logos for you to use in your campaigns. We recommend them for use on social media and graphic advertising pieces.

It is in an editable format and allows you to place your logo alongside ours, as a symbol of our partnership, which generates more credibility for your client and increases our market reputation.

Available in formats for Instagram, LinkedIn, and email.

Logotipo Desk Manager horizontal - branco
Logotipo Desk Manager horizontal - Cores
Logotipo Desk Manager horizontal - branco
Logotipo Desk Manager Principal - Azul Escuro
Logotipo Desk Manager Principal - Azul


The focus is on availability and solution; we use icons in our identity that bring us closer.

Ícones Desk Manager


We always strive to bring the same sensations in all touchpoints of our communication, whether on social media, products, or services.

Dashboard Produto Desk Manager


We use real photos of our team to show who Desk Manager really is.

Montagem Time Desk Manager


Color palette

Colors that give us life
Our color palette was strategically developed, thinking about all the attributes we want to convey.

Click on the colors to know their code

HEX: #060E28
RGB: 6, 14, 40
CMYK: 85%, 65%, 0%, 84%
HEX: #0237FF
RGB: 6, 14, 40
CMYK: 85%, 65%, 0%, 84%
RGB: 6, 14, 40
CMYK: 85%, 65%, 0%, 84%
HEX: #5E52FF
RGB: 6, 14, 40
CMYK: 85%, 65%, 0%, 84%
RGB: 6, 14, 40
CMYK: 85%, 65%, 0%, 84%


Font we use in all our communication

Hanken Grotesk

Google fonts


We are an omnichannel ESM platform with integrated functionalities. Discover our features

Ícone - Chamado


Here is where the team spends most of their time, organizing and interacting with tickets in a very intuitive way.

Ícone - Projetos


Manage your projects in a simplified manner, whether related to an open ticket or not in your operation.

Ícone - CMDB


Register all assets and liabilities of your company or your clients.

Ícone - Despesa


Here you can control all the extra expenses that your team incurs during their duties.

Ícone - Satisfação


Create customized questionnaires with options for alternative, multiple-choice, or essay responses.

Ícone - Gamificação


Excellent for sparking interest and promoting engagement among your employees in a fun way.

Ícone - Conhecimento


A simple way to build the knowledge base of your operation and share procedures, tutorials, and documentation.

Ícone - Conversa


An amazing feature within the Ticket Application with a response module for clients using WhatsApp as a communication channel.

Ícone - SLA


Control deadlines and response times of your team for each ticket handled, ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.

Ícone - Ponto

Time Clock

This App becomes essential for managers who need to control the check-in and check-out times of the team.

Ícone - Painel


Here general settings of Desk Manager are made, creating permission profiles and solver groups for your business.

Ícone - SLA


Here you register all the clients and users served by your operation.

What we believe in

Ícone - Crescimento

We are all integrated andwe move collectively

Ícone - Qualidade
Ícone - Performance
we value the respect and acceptance of everyone.
Ícone - Time
we help each other find new ways to solve challenges
building our journey is a collective task

Count on an ally to orchestrate your team

By our side, the sectors of your company work in harmony and with efficiency. All together seeking results.