ESM platform with integrated gamification

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Learn the story of


capital of the kingdom is a vast city, with tall towers, lush gardens, and the happiest and most smiling people a kingdom could wish for.


Years ago, the kingdom faced significant problems caused by the Tiqets, native creatures that inhabited the surrounding areas. Their enormous number kept increasing, causing destruction.
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The most powerful wizard of the Sapphire Council decided to form a group of formidable warriors to protect the kingdom, hunting the Tiqets, pacifying them, and turning them back into harmless Tiqs.

This group hunted for a long time, becoming a legend, but even legends need help, and so they created the Protectorate of Attendees.

The goal of the Protectorate is to maintain peace in the kingdom; new adventurers are attracted to the capital with the dream of becoming members of the Protectorate and achieving recognition as great as the most well-known heroes of the organization.

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But, what is Gamification?

Gamification is a relatively new concept in the market and involves adopting game elements and principles to promote engagement and effective learning in any scenario where it is applied.

Its main objective is to spark interest and provide rewards to participants, enabling them to improve skills, competencies, and achieve their goals, whether personal or professional, in a much more engaged manner.


See how it works

All operators configured to “play” will start accumulating points, called Desk Coins, by interacting with or completing any ticket in their name.

With just a few clicks, it will be easy to identify how many tickets each member of your team is working on, which client or business unit has the most open demands with your operation, how many tickets still have the SLA on time or are expiring, and much more.

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During each Season, which lasts 3 months (corresponding to the quarters of the year), operators will compete for positions on the General Ranking, which is updated in real time every time the application is accessed.

At the end of the season, the operators in first, second, and third place will receive a symbolic award within the platform – a gold, silver, and bronze headset, respectively.

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The gold, silver, and bronze headsets awarded to the operators who achieved the top positions in the general ranking will be symbols representing the operator’s good performance during the season (analyzed period). For the next three months, with the end of the season, each ticket handled by this operator, in the Operator or Requester Portal, will display the evidence that the service is being provided by a professional who stood out during that period.
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The “winners” of the last season will have their names engraved on the podium, displayed to everyone who consults the Gamification Application panel, a deserved honor that should be showcased.
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Interactions or ticket completions will not be the only means to earn Desk Coins. Additionally, Operators can receive Extra Coins through:
  • Satisfaction Surveys Answered;
  • Technical Evaluations conducted by Managers; and
  • Tasks Completed in the Projects Application.
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In the Gamification Application, the operator can also check the amount of Desk Coins they have, their current position in the ranking, and recently earned coins.

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To keep operators motivated and constantly seeking Desk Coins, Desk Manager displays, during ticket completion (sporadically), an animation of our brave warriors (Dravos, Mel, and Shiro) fighting the monsters called Tiqets and restoring peace for the Protectorate of Attendees. Very cool, right?

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But why is Gamification important for service?

We believe that Gamification is an innovative concept and can add a lot to any service operation, as it is a way to keep the team excited and engaged with what is most important: handling tickets. And not just that! Since the quality of these services also matters to reach the top, the Evaluations that a Manager can conduct can help the operation pave the way to service excellence.

We believe that Gamification allows building a fun environment and healthy competition among operators

A great way to relieve the stress of the Operation, which we know exists and can be highly detrimental. Additionally, at the end of each season, managers receive an email from Desk Manager informing them of the results, ranking winners, and each operator’s position in the general ranking.

This information is very valuable and can be used as a way to reward or incentivize your team with something they might really enjoy: a day off, a gift card, movie tickets, or many other options.

Count on an ally to orchestrate your team

By our side, the sectors of your company work in harmony and with efficiency. All together seeking results.