ESM platform with registration management

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Desk Manager Aplicativo Empresa - Cadastro de Clientes

Complete client registration

Each client’s registration is extremely comprehensive, containing information such as CNPJ, Full Address, Company Contact, and other data.

Additionally, it is possible to register Additional Notes or even create Extra Fields that will be filled with essential information for your operation and can be viewed during ticket handling.

Advanced search tool

To make things easier, the application also offers search and advanced search features, allowing you to search for clients with specific data or configurations simply and easily.

Desk Manager Aplicativo Empresa - Busca Avançada

It can be challenging to keep the registration of all active requesters within each client up to date

Therefore, there is also a setting to activate an email domain for the company. This way, all users who try to open a ticket from an @domain email will be automatically registered and their sent emails will be naturally converted into tickets.

Multi-Company Users

If a user served by your team is a sort of “wildcard” user and can open or track tickets for various different companies, they can be configured as “Multi-Company.”
Thus, it will be possible to use a Unified Portal to open and track tickets for all the companies they are associated with. Cool, right?

Franchises for registered client support

If your operation is outsourced and negotiates contracts that include a specific franchise of hours or tickets, it is possible to specify this franchise and configure alerts if the client exceeds the number of contracted tickets or hours.

A cool way to know if it’s worth negotiating a larger hour contract with the client and even generating more financial return for the company.


Desk Manager Aplicativo Empresa - Gestão de Contratos

Keep control of your contracts

The Company application also has a module for contract registration and management. Through this module, you can register all your contracts, whether with clients or suppliers, and configure alerts to receive by email days before these contracts expire.

You know that Internet Link contract that renews automatically if you don’t say anything? Here you can be notified 90 days before that contract expires or renews automatically. This way, you have time to negotiate a more advantageous renewal or find a more affordable supplier.

Each registered contract can contain various information, such as:

  • – Contract description
  • – Special negotiated terms
  • – Contract cost
  • – Attachments, such as the PDF of the signed contract draft
Desk Manager Aplicativo Empresa - Contratos
Desk Manager Aplicativo Empresa - Grupos de Empresas

Company Groups

Another very important feature of the Company application is the registration of Company Groups. Here you can create a Company Group and associate all clients with this group, making it possible to extract reports of the services provided, not only for each individual company but also for the entire group. Very good, isn’t it?

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