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A young and engaged team, focused on customer success, that's the Desk Manager team.

Qualified professionals connected with market innovations, prepared to deliver a careful and differentiated experience. We breathe customer service day after day, allowing us to offer excellent work.


Rituals of our culture

Desk Manager Sobre - Buzina

Sound the horn!

Our famous horn is sounded when we gain a new customer. Here, we celebrate every victory.


Desk Manager Sobre - Arcade


A space to share with colleagues and have lots of fun with hundreds of digital games and a library.

Desk Manager Sobre - RPG Week

RPG Week

Annual event to play tabletop RPG as a team.


Desk Manager Sobre - Biblioteca

Reading and learning

A mini library with endless possibilities to make reading a shared habit for everyone.


Our Essence

We are transparent about what we believe and preach. Get to know all the values in the Essence of Desk Manager Culture:

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Our Purpose

To help clients make their customer service a showcase of their business.

Our Values


We value respect and welcome everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, ethnicity, or religion.

We encourage everyone to find their own essence: what makes them unique, their main skills, and attributes.


Ubuntu! We are all integrated and move collectively because we understand the importance and impact of everything we are and do!


To achieve the results we expect, communication must be transparent and accessible.

Continuous Improvement

Building our journey is a collective task.

We learn and make mistakes together.

We help each other find new ways to solve challenges. After all, for us, there is no challenge without a solution.

Our adventure begins with the Gamification App

The advantages of gamification within the company lie in the motivation and productivity of employees, as well as the significant improvement in relationships and the quality of the work environment. With this in mind, the Desk Manager team created the Ticket Attendees’ Protectorate.
Desk Manager Gamificação - Personagens
Desk Manager Gamificação - Pódio

An app within ours that presents a story full of identification with the customer service employees and a playful narrative with missions that resemble the real work routine of the professional, making them accumulate points and advantages.


“The purpose of the protectorate is to maintain peace in the kingdom. Whenever the army could not respond to the call, they started their missions, which were special because, in addition to strength, knowledge, and experience made a difference.

Thus, all the Tiqets were kept under control. New adventurers are attracted to the capital with the dream of becoming members of the protectorate and gaining recognition as great as the organization’s most renowned heroes.”

Desk Manager Gamificação - Vilões
Desk Manager Gamificação - Baú

Want to know more about the Gamification App, its kingdom, and all the heroes?


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