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If your operation performs field services or if your sales team makes customer visits, you certainly have had to deal with unplanned expenses and employee reimbursements. To facilitate the reconciliation of these extra associated service expenses, we created the Expense Application.
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You can control all the extra expenses your team incurs during their duties, such as:

It is possible to record expenses with details such as:

Register expenses for all departments

Expenses can be linked to services or not; the Expense Application can be used by anyone in your company, whether someone handling tickets or an employee from another business area requesting reimbursement.

Request at any time

It is important to highlight that, although your team members can request reimbursement through the Desk Manager Mobile Application anytime and anywhere, there is still the possibility of making a request retroactively.

Track request status

After the expense is registered in the system, it will be listed as “Pending” and, later, when the reimbursement is processed by Finance, the record can be updated to “Paid” or “Rejected”, allowing total control of all operational expenses and tracking the reimbursed amounts.

Eliminate bureaucracy, manage the risk of information loss, and reduce paper volume.

In addition to saving the Administrative team’s time, you will keep a history of financial transactions, which is very helpful if the company undergoes an audit.


Moreover, the Expense Application is integrated with the Keruak Software ERP, and registered expenses can be automatically posted as amounts in Accounts Payable, automating your entire financial process.

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